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GRS Medical June blog1 image EN Sleep Apnea Messes Up More than Your Sleep

Sleep Apnea Messes up More than Your Sleep!

Insights from Your Trusted Sleep Apnea Specialists in Montreal

Every family has at least a joke or two about someone snoring loudly through the night. Whether it is a spouse, parent, elderly relative, or you yourself, anyone experiencing chronic snoring should know that it may be a sign of other medical issues that need proper diagnosis and treatments. Although snoring, also called ronchopathy, can be an isolated phenomenon, it may often indicate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition in which the upper airways become blocked repeatedly during sleep. Essentially, your throat muscles and tongue relax, which in turn blocks the passage of air. Besides the loud snoring, some of the accompanying symptoms of OSA are excessive daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headaches or a sore throat upon waking up, chest pain at night, or witnessed breathing pauses during sleep.

The sleep apnea specialists in Montreal at GRS Médical offer useful insights on how this sleep disorder can mess up more than just your sleep, and why it’s important to get timely treatment.

Why See a Sleep Specialist to Take on OSA?

While elderly people and men are at higher risk of experiencing OSA, individuals with asthma, chronic hypertension, chronic nasal congestion, obesity issues, or enlarged adenoids or tonsils may also be more likely to suffer from this sleep disorder.

As research on this condition continues to evolve, there is evidence that untreated OSA present higher risks of spikes in blood pressure, blood sugar levels, as well as stress hormones. Cardiovascular problems and metabolism issues become part of a vicious cycle when combined with OSA. Moreover, excessive fatigue and poor concentration during the daytime lead to other potential risks, such as road accidents, loss of productivity at work, mood swings, tense or stressed relationships, and a general feeling of dissatisfaction due to the lack of proper sleep.

Certain lifestyle changes, weight reduction, and sleeping in specific positions may help in controlling sleep apnea for some individuals. Additionally, you may want to consider Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy, one of the most effective and proven sleep apnea solutions in Montreal available today. CPAP devices help in maintaining a steady prescribed pressure and flow of oxygen to your nose and mouth. This in turn keeps the airways open, and makes it easier to breathe without the pauses or interruptions that happen due to OSA.

At GRS Médical, our sleep apnea solutions in Montreal include a simple, at-home, polysomnography test, as well as a CPAP titration test. Based on the results, our sleep apnea specialists will recommend the appropriate sleep apnea treatments and CPAP device for you.

Do you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from sleep apnea? Schedule an appointment with one of our sleep apnea specialists near you. At GRS Médical, your sleep quality is our number one priority!