Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with CPAP Machine in Montreal and Quebec

CPAP Machine: The Gold Standard for Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is one of the most effective treatments for individuals diagnosed with OSA. When used every night in a disciplined manner, a CPAP machine can help Quebec patients breathe easier, sleep better, and lead a better quality of life.

CPAP Machine can help Quebec patients breathe easier, sleep better, and lead a better quality of life

The way a CPAP machine works is simple. Essentially, it uses a tube and mask to deliver a steady stream of oxygenated air into your airways. Since the machine maintains a constant prescribed air pressure and sends a steady flow of oxygen to your nose and mouth, it keeps your airways open and allows you to breathe without the pauses or interruptions that occur due to OSA-SDB.

Scientific advancements have led to the emergence of a wide range of next-generation CPAP machines, yet their basic components remain the same. Each machine has a

  • Cushioned face mask-nasal mask or intra-nasal mask.
  • A base unit that houses a motor
  • A tube connector between the mask and the motor
  • A headgear frame and elbow joint pieces
  • Adjustable straps for a customized fit

As a sleep respiratory disorder, OSA involves slower or interrupted breathing that can last from a few seconds to minutes. This in turn can lead to potentially life-threatening issues, including high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke. If you have chronic symptoms, such as snoring, extreme daytime fatigue, irritability, morning headaches, or difficulty concentrating, get in touch with one of our sleep respiratory specialists at a GRS Médical location near you. We stock an array of top-notch CPAP machines and sleep respiratory devices that offer comfortable features and fit, to promote a good night’s sleep.

Do you have Sleep Apnea ?

The probability that people with the following diseases suffer from sleep apnea is:


hypertension, refractory to medication




type 2 diabetes

A Glimpse into Different Types of CPAP Machines

While the basic components of a CPAP machine in Montreal may be similar, each make, and model may have slightly varying masks, algorithm in automatic mode and programmable features. Here are the different masks that a CPAP machine can come with:

  • Full mask: most of the time has triangular shaped mask that covers your mouth and nose. Our sleep respiratory experts recommend this mask for patients who have a tendency to breathe through the mouth while sleeping, or in cases where there is some kind of blockage in the nose – either due to reduced nasal passages or the presence of polyps.
  • Nasal Pillow Mask: Featuring a tiny cushion that covers the nostril area, or prongs that fit into both nostrils, nasal pillow masks allow individuals to use a CPAP machine even while wearing reading glasses. They are also comfortable for patients with excessive facial hair who find the full-face mask uncomfortable or ill-fitting.
  • Nasal Mask: This is a cushioned mask that fits over the entire nose area and is ideal for those who tend to move, toss, or turn during sleep.

GRS Médical is the official distributor for an extensive range of sleep devices from world-renowned manufacturers. We stock a variety of sleep assistive devices. These include

  • CPAP Machine: This one way ventilation mode in a fix pressure, allows you to program a recommended pressurized air level for treating a number of sleep disorders after the patient’ titration.
  • APAP Machine: An Automatic Positive Airflow Pressure (APAP) machine – the most-used ventilation mode now a days – monitors the user’s breathing according to the manufacturer algorithm and intuitively adjusts the air pressure throughout the night. This device can compensate for the changes in your sleep position or any other breathing abnormalities.
  • BiPAP Machines: A Bi-level Positive Airflow Pressure (BiPAP) device delivers different pressure settings on inspiration (inhaling) and expiration (exhaling). It is a good fit for individuals who have high levels of carbon dioxide in their blood, or those with complex sleep-disordered breathing.

ARE YOU AT RISK for Sleep Apnea?

The benefits of positive pressure therapy

Benefits of Positive Pressure Therapy from Sleep Disorders Treatment
  • The snoring goes away
  • Patients regain restful sleep
  • The quality of life improves
  • The risk of heart disease, work accident or road accident is greatly reduced under treatment
  • A boost of energy

Snoring Specialist

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Cardiac Monitoring

A compact, discreet and exceptionally comfortable heart monitor that will keep you active throughout the day.


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Clients Testimonials

Je suis une femme de 47 ans, avec un poids santé et je ne ronfle pas ! J’ai observé dans les dernières années une baisse d’énergie qui s’intensifiait, des douleurs aux articulations, une digestion lente et des nuits non réparatrices. Je me réveillais la nuit de plus en plus, j’avais des sueurs, des périodes d’insomnie, dès le réveil j’étais fatiguée, je bâillais, j’avais des difficultés de concentration et des intenses envies de dormir au cours de la journée. Enfin, je pensais être en dépression ou malade, mais chez mon médecin tous mes examens étaient toujours normal. Jusqu’à ce que je fasse un test du sommeil qui démontrait que mes voies respiratoires s’obstruaient pendant mon sommeil et ce, plusieurs fois à l’heure ce qui nuisait à ma qualité de vie et aussi avait un impact négatif sur ma santé. Maintenant, grâce à mon CPAP, je dors, je rêve, mes journées sont agréables, la fatigue à disparue, j’ai de l’énergie et je me réveille en pleine forme. Merci beaucoup à Groupe Relève Santé !

Chantal Daigneault

Diagnostiqué depuis plus de 3 ans chez Groupe Relève Santé, ma qualité de vie a complètement changé avec la thérapie CPAP. Une équipe de professionnelle qui ont su me guider et m’accompagner tout au long du processus. Je les recommandes sans hésitation.

Michel Brisson

Avec le Groupe Relève Santé, vous allez avoir accès à un service personnalisé, accessible et professionnel pour répondre à vos besoins concernant l’apnée du sommeil. Je les réfère en toute confiance.

Christine Lafontaine

100% satisfait chez Groupe Relève Santé, j’ai retrouvé la santé! Des professionnels à l’écoute avec une approche personalisée. À la hauteur de mes attentes…

Marc Lapointe

Service plein de compétences professionnelles avec une grande disponibilité et de bons conseils. Merci!

Michelle Létourneau